Happy New Educational Year!

So, today it’s back to school for most kids in the UK. If you (like us) are doing home education, it needn’t make a great difference, as you may have been educating – more or less – throughout the summer anyway.

For me, this “New Year” starting has given me a little nudge up the backside, to get on with a few things, some of which I’ve been planning on doing for some time now. So I’m feeling quite strongly that this is a new chapter in our story of learning.

However, I don’t want to overwhelm Penguin with too many new things at once, so I’m introducing things gradually, and building on them as I go along. I’ll be writing more about each thing here too, in later posts.


You can get a brief idea of what we’ve been working on today from the picture above, and for now, I just really want to share my excitement about starting this new school year, while not going back to school 🙂

So, Happy New Educational Year, to UK home edders and others!

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