4 December: Super simple beaded ornament

IMG_8389Today we made another couple of ornaments for our little Christmas tree, and Penguin really enjoyed this! As soon as I got the beads out he came to sit down at the table and was keen to get started đŸ˜€

So, after putting some suitable Christmas tunes on, this is what we did:

Firstly, I strung a sequence of beads on a piece of string. We used an elastic string, as it’s nice and sturdy for threading the beads on. At first I was thinking of using yarn, but that was too soft, making it way too fiddly.

I then put another set of the same materials that I’d just used on a wooden tray, for Penguin to make his ornament from. He looked at my ‘model’ and copied it. It all went really well and much quicker and more smoothly than I’d expected, and it was really enjoyable! I think we’ll have to get more beads, they can be good for practicing  quite a few things, such as counting, patterns, shapes and colours, as well as fine motor skills of course.IMG_8396After tying the ends of the blue elastic string together, to make a circle, we used black yarn to make loops for hanging the ornaments. I tied the knots and Penguin cut all the ends off. Then we hung them in our tiny tree. Ta-daa!

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