Making a Paper Chain

This evening we started making a paper chain. I say “started”, because I’m thinking that we’ll do a few more hoops now and then, and eventually link all our segments together to make one long chain.


Before we got started, I got all the materials out on the table, and showed Penguin a picture of a paper chain so that it was clear what we were about to make.

Making paper chains is a great activity for practicing motor skills, hand-eye coordination, scissor skills and the pincer grasp. Penguin impressed me in all those areas tonight, and most of all with his greatly improved ability to cut strips of paper without any help at all from me. I just gave him pieces of paper which I had drawn lines on, and asked him to cut them into strips following the lines.

Linking the strips together into a chain took quite a lot of effort, but Penguin persisted and was happy to get on with it. I really appreciate that he didn’t get frustrated or give up!

Once we had strung a few links together, we decorated them with stickers. Personally, I quite liked them as they were, but thought they might be bordering on dull. Making them wasn’t dull at all though, so we’ll happily get back to making a few more of these another day!IMG_8553

Do you have a particular Christmas craft which is your favourite? If you do, please share in the comments, it would be great to get some more ideas and inspiration!

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Making a Paper Chain - Simple Homemade Decoration, great #KidsCraft, fab for working on fine motor skills, #ScissorSkills etc! For more activities to enjoy with your kids, visit us at

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