Christmas gift tags/mini cards

These little cards/gift tags which we’ve been making today were really more about the process than the final result. Making confetti, potato printing, painting, cutting, glueing, and finally sticking a star at the top if each tree! Still, I think they’ll look great under the tree, especially if used for a gift wrapped in a neutral paper, like brown, grey or maybe gold.


Before we got started, I got all the materials out and cut shapes out of a potato. I made a tree and a star, but in the end we didn’t really use the star. The gold paint I’d got out turned out to be too transparent to work well for printing with, so we just focused on the trees, which was plenty anyway.

I remembered from last time we used potato prints, making snowmen, that the potatoes were quite difficult for Penguin to hold on to properly. So this time I cut the tops into a good shape for gripping.

IMG_9134I folded some paper in different colous into suitable sizes, and got Penguin to cut along the folding lines, so that we had several small pieces (c. 6 x 8 cm) ready for printing on.

We then cut out confetti in bright colours with a hole puncher. Penguin did some of this, but our hole puncher is really tough, so I ended up making the majority of the confetti.

IMG_9136Then it was time to start printing! Penguin sqeezed paint out onto a couple of plates, and then used a brush to apply colour to the potato and make some prints. He then sprinkled confetti on the wet paint, to decorate the trees.

We used the gold paint to paint on the coloured cards that we were going to stick our tree pictures on the front of. Then we waited for everything to dry, before glueing the trees onto the cards, and adding a gold star at the top of each tree.

So, now it’s just the gifts missing… Have you got all your presents sorted, or are you a last minute person with these things, like me? 😬


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Homemade Christmas Gift Tags with Potato Print Trees. Great for Motor Skills practice, Hand Strength, Scissor Skills, Pincer Grasp etc. #KidsCrafts #ChristmasCraft


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