Are you sleeping..?

Apparently today is World Sleep Day, and you could be forgiven for thinking that I’ve fallen into a long deep sleep considering my lack of posting here over the past week. However, the reason is not sleep, but us moving into a new home! Super exciting times indeed, and I’ll be back to fill you in on that shortly. However, with no wifi and only limited amounts of mobile data available (until we – hopefully – get our fibre line activated in about a weeks time) our online presence is somewhat restricted.

But as the subject of SLEEP is close to my heart (as it is to many other parents, and to many autism parents in particular) I wanted to pop in here to highlight #WorldSleepDay. A little while ago, I wrote a guest post for the Special Educational Needs Resources Blog on how we’ve struggled with sleep, and ways we’ve tried to improve it. A warm thank you to Georgina for inviting me to share our experiences! If I may take a couple of minutes of your waken time, please have a read here:Β Our Trials and Errors of Sleep

Wishing everyone many good hours of sleep, and sweet dreams x



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10 thoughts on “Are you sleeping..?

  1. Hi, sounds like exciting times for you, although I don’t envy you the packing and unpacking bit. Fancy there being a World Sleep Day, that must have been the day I slept almost eight hours, I am usually such a light sleeper I get woken up by noise even when wearing earplugs… When my children were young I took a take no c**p approach at night (unless they were poorly), which just meant laying down rules and standing by them and that worked for me. Without sleep, I would never have managed the days!


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    1. Haha, I’m glad to hear you celebrated by sleeping better than normal! Must be tough to be such a light sleeper.
      Laying down rules probably works well for a lot of kids, though not for our Penguin πŸ˜‹x


  2. I think we should all be celebrating World Sleep Day by spending the day in bed!! Let’s start a campaign! πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo

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