Happy Easter Playdough Mat

In my previous post, about making our Real Lemon Playdough, I promised to follow up with a post on the Easter themed playdough mat that I made to go with that squeezy ball of sunshine. So here it is!

Happy Easter Playdough Mat - Sensational Learning with Penguin

I drew a simple picture with some daffodils, a couple of chicks, and a shiny sun, and left all the areas which would be great in yellow uncoloured, while colouring in the grass, leaves and sky. I also included a message of “Happy Easter!” to add some fine motor literacy practice.

I laminated the picture, then mixed a little bit of our yellow lemon playdough with some red dough that we already had, making a bright orange colour to use for some of the details. I also made ‘eyes’ to add to the chicks, using a holepuncher to cut out white paper circles, and just adding pupils with a black marker. Keeping things simple and pretty much for free!

We got a couple of other colours of playdough out too, just to add some more variation. And then we sat down together to build the picture:



Happy Easter Playdough Mat - Sensational Learning with Penguin

If you feel like doing this kind of activity with your kids,Β you could of course go wild with adding more things: Pipe cleaners could be used for things like legs and stalks (add playdough ‘grass’ to set them in), the sun could have a face and hat on, you could use pearls for eyes instead of my paper versions, and perhaps you’d like to feed the chicks with some grains as well?

I had originally intended to put our mat here to download, to make things easy for you, but as you already know if you follow us we’ve recently moved home, and the whereabouts of the scanner cables are currently a mystery…

So all that remains now is to wish you a HAPPY EASTER, from me and Penguin!


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25 thoughts on “Happy Easter Playdough Mat

  1. I love it! I can’t draw, but I could definitely print something out that we could playdough on top of. It never occured to me and now I’m thinking of all the things (as well as Easter) we could dothis for. Such a great idea. #KCACOLS

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  2. This is lovely! So bright and cheerful! Happy Easter to you and Penguin! Hope you’re all settling into your new home and the scanner cables soon turn up. #KCACOLS

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  3. Love these mats, I still need to try one with Dee! Have you tried the Scanbot app in lieu of a working scanner? I’ve not tried it for pictures but it’s great for documents. πŸ™‚ #BlogCrush

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  4. What a lovely idea, and it’s come out really well. Great use for play doh. Thanks again for linking up to #KidsandKreativity, hope to see you again.

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  5. Thank you for sharing such a fab idea! I’m nowhere near as creative when it comes to arts and crafts but make a conscious effort to exposure such experiences and craft materials to my 25 month old Son. Will definitively be making various play doh mats with little Eco including one about becoming a big brother x #KCACOLS

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