Magic Rainbow Suncatcher Craft

Last Sunday, on St Patrick’s Day, we took inspiration from the visual language of the celebrations and created these rainbow window decorations, with frames in gold and green. We really enjoyed this little hands-on colour theory project, and it was a great opportunity to exercise a wide range of motor skills (such as scissor skills, hand strength, mark making and hand-eye coordination). Penguin worked with great focus and determination, and they turned out very well if I may say so myself!

Magic Rainbow Suncatcher Craft - We made these Waldorf inspired Window Transparencies using Tissue Paper in 3 Primary Colours. A Project involving Fine Motor Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination, Scissor Skills, Colour Theory - and fun!


We used tissue paper in the three primary colours red, yellow and blue, and let them overlap, meaning a rainbow of colours reveals itself when the finished items are put up on a window and light shines through… Magic!


List of materials used:

  • Tissue paper in red, yellow, blue and white
  • Card (for the frames), we used green this time
  • PVA glue
  • Glitter glue (optional)
  • Double-sided tape for sticking the suncatchers on our window. You could use a thread to hang them up instead if you prefer
  • You’ll also need scissors and a crayon, pen or pencil (plus you might like to have a ruler or tape measure at hand as well, if you wish to be more precise than we were)

C5821BE0-89EB-4507-B7AC-933A1775EFD1First thing to do is to cut the coloured tissue into strips, and they don’t need to be perfectly cut as the irregular lines add character to the finished pieces. Tissue paper can be really tricky to cut as it’s so flimsy. I cut ours into roughly 6 cm wide strips first, and then got Penguin to help me cut them in half to make strips that were about 3 cm in width. (The length of the strips depend on how wide you’d like your finished pieces to be, we made ours about 15 cm.)

Next, we brushed glue onto a white piece of tissue paper (large enough to fill the size of ‘window frame’ we had in mind) and then placed our colourful strips onto it.


While our tissue creations were put aside to dry, we cut our ’window frames’ out of green card, and added some golden glitter glue onto them. You could use glue and eco-glitter to be more environmentally friendly, and if this hadn’t been for St Pat’s, we’d probably just done plain black or dark grey frames instead, to let the colours of the tissue paper take centre stage. But if you prefer, you could go wild and make your frames very decorative, using shells, paints. twigs, gold leaf or whatever you fancy!


Finally, we brushed glue onto the back of our frames, and placed them onto the tissue paper windows. We then cut away the excess around the outside of the frames, before sticking them up on our window. And there you go, rainbow magic!

Now if only these rainbows could tempt a leprechaun to visit our house, so we could get a share of his pot of gold… x


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27 thoughts on “Magic Rainbow Suncatcher Craft

  1. These look so beautiful and so creative. I would love to sit down some Saturday with my girls to make these. It looks like great fun! #triumphanttales

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  2. As you know we love a suncatcher too! They look really effective. All we need now is some more sunshine! Thanks for linking up to #KidsandKreativity, hope to see you back next time x

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