Experiencing a Lunar Eclipse, on the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11’s Lift-Off

Last night, we went for a late evening walk down by Rye Harbour, and got a great view of the partial lunar eclipse of the ‘Buck Moon’, as the full moon of July is sometimes called. The moon was huge and had a redish hue (unfortunately not really visible in the photos I snapped with our iPad), adding a magical feel to and already beautiful summer’s evening.

Amazingly, this special lunar event happened on the very day of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lift-off, 16 July 1969. A few days later (20 July), Neil Armstrong would step out of the lunar lander to become the first ever human on the moon. How crazy is it that the Universe itself managed to put on a special lunar display to celebrate that historical event?!


I love when learning happens as a natural part of real life, like this. Today we’ve followed up with a few more space related activities, such as watching a short video explaining about what a lunar eclipse is, looking at pictures of the Earth, Moon and Sun and locating the words for them (and other space terms) in Penguin’s AAC app, etc. We also did a floor puzzle with a loosely space related motif.


By the way, did you know that the word ’lunatic’ means roughly ’moonstruck’, and originates from the belief that the moon cycles might cause intermittent insanity? What do you think, does the full moon seem to affect your mood..?


If you follow us on social media, you may already have seen me posting about this last night. I haven’t been posting as regularly here on the blog as I would like to, and I’ve come to realise that our instagram account in particular has become more like what I originally envisaged for this blog. Most of our instagram posts are long and fairly detailed, and I think it could be fair to call them microblogs.

But posts on social media generally have a very short life span, and aren’t easy to search for based on subject etc either. And there are some of you who follow this blog here but aren’t on instagram as well. So from now on, I’m going to give it a try to post more regularly on here, by using it more similarly to how I’ve been using instagram (and facebook too, to some extent). That way, the activities we do, the places we visit etc, will become part of our blog archive here, which will hopefully give them a life beyond the roughly 48 hour life-span of most social media posts. I want our posts to be of use and inspiration to others whenever they need it, not only at one short moment in time.

I hope this will make a positive change, and that you’ll enjoy more regular posts from us. They will most likely be shorter and not quite as weighty as some of our previous posts, but I think that could be a good thing too, hopefully!

Thanks again for reading, and for following us through life and learning. See you soon 😉 x


Experiencing a #LunarEclipse, on the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11's Lift-Off! We had an extra magical evening walk on 16 July... #Moon #ExperientialLearning #HandsOnLearning #OutdoorClassrom #ExploreToLearn For more, visit us at http://sensationallearningwithpenguin.com

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22 thoughts on “Experiencing a Lunar Eclipse, on the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11’s Lift-Off

    1. So amazing that the lunar eclipse happened to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo mission lift-off. It’s a good opportunity to learn more about the moon and space too. I don’t think the full moon affects my mood but back in my midwifery days I was always aware of when the full moon was due as those seemed to be the busier times for babies arriving! Thanks for linking up to #CountryKids

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      1. How cool to hear that the full moon seems to have some potential to get births started! I’ve sometimes noticed that Penguin’s been acting up more around the time of a full moon… but not so much now compared to a few years ago. Perhaps it was all coincidental, who knows..? 🙂 xx


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