A Visit To Howletts Animal Park & A Simple Follow-Up Activity

Yesterday we visited Howletts Wild Animal Park, near Canterbury. We’ve been there a few times before (you can read about one of our previous visits HERE), and as usual we really enjoyed making our way around the park and stopping to look at some of the animals – as well as some plants – along the way.


We started off with a visit to the rhinos, followed by wild dogs, lions, ant eaters, monkeys and other primates of various kinds, lemurs, river hogs, elephants, a peacock, deer, wolves, honey badgers, gorillas, bison, a tapir, and more.

A Visit To Howletts Animal Park & A Simple Follow-Up Activity

It’s my intention to write a more extensive post about Howletts at some point, but for this post, my main focus is on a follow-up activity that we’ve done today: A lotto type game using photos of some of the animals and plants we looked at yesterday!


Penguin and I made this game together. I started off by selecting 8 of the photos we took yesterday and editing them into squares, which I then arranged on a page in Word (2 rows of 4 pictures on each, evenly spaced to make them easy to cut out).

I printed out two copies, to make two sets of the same 8 pictures. I then sat down with Penguin at the table so that we could make the game as a joint effort. He cut the pictures out, while I cut some card into slightly larger squares than our photos.


Penguin then glued each photo onto a card square, while I got two sheets of thick A4 paper and drew 8 squares on each of them, and then wrote the names of the 8 things in our photos in those squares. And that was our game done and ready to play!

When playing, we put all the picture cards on the table with their backsides up, and then took turn picking a card and placing it on corresponding square on our ‘game boards’ (the A4 papers).


We also used this as an opportunity to practice using Penguin’s AAC app, by finding and naming each pictured object. I think it all worked out pretty well, and we got to practice some fine motor skills as well as communication and memory recollection, names of the plants and animals etc. And Penguin won, as he almost always does!

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let  us know in the comments x

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32 thoughts on “A Visit To Howletts Animal Park & A Simple Follow-Up Activity

  1. I love your game, a great way to follow up a lovely looking day. We have something very similar on our Education pages as a follow up to visits here at Coombe Mill, it’s a lovely way to reinforce learning. #CountryKids

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  2. What a great little game / activity for the little ones. I am pretty useless at this mum crafting type stuff, but I can see my daughter is craving to learn so I’m going to start trying some things like this. Thanks for sharing #KCACOLS

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  3. Howletts Animal Park looks like a lovely place for a day out. I love how you turned the photos of the animals into a game. What a good way to help learn the different types of animals. Might have to try doing something like this with Sophie – she would love it. Thanks for sharing with #CountryKids

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    1. It does look quite sad there, doesn’t it? Though I think it was more tired… They’ve got a huge amount of space and things to climb on, hide away in etc (but obvs that can’t be seen in this photo). The Aspinall Foundation who run this park and the one at Port Lympne do a lot of conservation work and some of their animals get released back into the wild. So I like to think that they are well cared for in their parks too. At least I hope so! Generally, their parks give the animals a very generous amount of space.
      Here’s a bit more about their work, with gorillas in particular: https://www.aspinallfoundation.org/the-aspinall-foundation/?_ga=2.89074328.280833719.1572528943-1975588517.1572528943 x


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