Baking Together: Chocolate Cake Cookies

We’re very much into baking together. I find it’s a great way to practise things like counting and measuring, naming/recognising various ingredients and utensils, using bilateral coordination etc. And on top of that it’s always a sensory rich experience, which is a big plus in our book. These Chocolate Cake Cookies are currently one of our … More Baking Together: Chocolate Cake Cookies

Baking Queen of Hearts tarts, like on ‘Big Cook, Little Cook’

Yesterday, we made these Queen of Hearts tarts, based on a recipe from the BBC children’s tv show ‘Big Cook, Little Cook’. These are easy to make, quite plain, and filled with whichever red jam you like best. As you might know from our recent post about making Merengue Snowmen, ‘Big Cook, Little Cook’ is … More Baking Queen of Hearts tarts, like on ‘Big Cook, Little Cook’

Meringue Snowmen a la ‘Big Cook, Little Cook’!

Yesterday, we made meringue snowmen, just like they make for Father Christmas in an episode of ‘Big Cook, Little Cook’. This was our first attempt at these, and we may not have payed perfect attention to how much sugar that actually went in, which I suspect is why these fellows turned out slightly more tanned than they … More Meringue Snowmen a la ‘Big Cook, Little Cook’!

Baking Saffron Buns!

Tomorrow is Saint Lucy’s Day, 13 December, and in Sweden (where I’m originally from) that is a day which is widely celebrated with songs and processions, as well as with mulled wine, gingerbread and saffron buns. So this evening we’ve baked some of the latter, as our advent activity of the day. [EDIT: You can … More Baking Saffron Buns!