Links to resources

On living with ASD:

Autism Discussion Page

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation UK

Yvonne Newbold: The Special Parent’s Handbook

On interests, passions, affinities etc:

Occupational therapy:

The OT Toolbox

PDF on “Sensory Processing, Motor Skills and Autism” by Jill McCanney, Specialist Occupational Therapist

Aquatic therapy

“Why Aquatic Therapy?”

HydroWorx “Ultimate Guide to Aquatic Therapy”

Brief descriptions of different aquatic therapy techniques (NCHPAD)

(There are also some very informative pages on Wikipedia, with links to studies, further reading etc. Have a look under “Aquatic therapy” to begin with.)


Sensory/Environmental Enrichment, Multi-sensory stimulation:

Small but interesting study on sensory enrichment as therapy

AAC and more:

Praactical AAC

Jane Farall’s website


Learning resources for use in home ed etc:

HowToSmile – A bank of learning activities for science and maths

YouCubed – Activities for learning mathematical concepts, for all levels

WatchKnowLearn – educational videos, organized by subject etc.

More links to follow…