Homemade Santa!

Today we got a couple of Santas made, so now they can help us looking after our two Rudolphs from the other day! Again, we used empty toilet rolls as base, and added felt, pipe cleaners, toy stuffing (for beard, alt. use cotton wool or other similar material), tiny pom-poms and googly eyes. We also … More Homemade Santa!

Paper Snowflakes – “different, not less”

Sometimes, the things I expect to be difficult are no problem, while other turn out to be much harder than anticipated. Like today, when we cut these paper snowflakes: Penguin cut out the circular shapes all by himself, which was brilliant! It takes a level of coordination which just hasn’t been there until now. Lovely … More Paper Snowflakes – “different, not less”

Not One Rudolph, But Two! – An Easy Christmas Craft

Day 8 in our Advent calendar of Christmas activities brought us Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, times two! Of course it’s entirely possible to make just the one, but I’ve found that it works much better for us to work in parallell, making one each of any crafting or other project we do, as this means … More Not One Rudolph, But Two! – An Easy Christmas Craft

Making Paper Angels

Our advent activity today was making these paper angels, which I’d found a post about via Pinterest (I’ll put a link to that page, on the “Buggy and Buddy” blog, at the bottom of this post). They are nice and simple things to make, and all you need is paper, scissors, ruler and a glue … More Making Paper Angels