Painting Wet-On-Wet: A Mindful Sensory Art Experience

We did some wet-on-wet painting yesterday, and it made me think about the things I really like about it. I especially appreciate how it tends to give great results despite being so simple. Or maybe it’s BECAUSE it’s so simple that the results are great..? Either way, I thought it could be worthwhile sharing with … More Painting Wet-On-Wet: A Mindful Sensory Art Experience

Baking Together: Chocolate Cake Cookies

We’re very much into baking together. I find it’s a great way to practise things like counting and measuring, naming/recognising various ingredients and utensils, using bilateral coordination etc. And on top of that it’s always a sensory rich experience, which is a big plus in our book. These Chocolate Cake Cookies are currently one of our … More Baking Together: Chocolate Cake Cookies