Free Printable: Happy Easter Playdough Mat

Two years ago I made an Easter playdough mat for Penguin, and posted about it here: Happy Easter Playdough Mat . At the time, we had very recently moved into our house, and the cables for my scanner/printer were somewhere in a box… so I couldn’t scan and share the playdough mat as a printable, as I’d originally intended to.

And I’ll have to admit that I forgot about it after that… Until now! So here is a freshly scanned image, which you can print out and laminate (or put in a plastic sleeve of some kind), and then add playdough to it to complete the image. You could make eyes out of paper as I described in my original post about this (linked above), or use googly eyes, or pearls, black playdough, or whatever you’ve got available really.

Just save this image on your device, and print it!:

Happy Easter Playdough Mat by

To use this playdough mat, you’ll need yellow playdough, preferably, and some orange as well. Other colours are optional! If you haven’t got any playdough, perhaps you could make some, such as this: Homemade Real Lemon Playdough – Instant Sunshine! (Works well without lemon as well, but the scent adds an extra sensory dimension.)

Happy Easter Playdough Mat Done -

Playing with playdough can be a great way to work on hand strength, motor skills, hand-eye coordination etc. Using playdough mats is really helpful for children like Penguin who struggles with more open instructions, and needs clear guidance of what they’re expected to do. If I gave Penguin some playdough and just told him to make a chicken, he wouldn’t know where to start. Playdough mats can of course also be used for practicing letter formation and literacy, like in this one, and for all kinds of subjects really.

I hope you and your kids enjoy working on this picture if you decide to print it out, and that you have a very Happy Easter (even though the circumstances this year are what they are). Stay safe! x

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