Making Mini Christmas Crackers

It’s December! The run-up to Christmas usually makes me more stressed than excited, but I’m now going to make a real effort to celebrate and enjoy the season with Penguin.

So, everyday until Christmas Day we’ll do some kind of ‘christmassy’ activity together, and post it here, like an Advent calendar (may even contain chocolate at some point). First up are these homemade mini christmas cracker decorations, which we made earlier today:


These crackers are purely decorative, they don’t contain any paper hats, jokes or novelty toys, and won’t go bang if pulled. You could of course put something inside them if you wish to do so. Perhaps some lentils or rice, or even a little bell, for making sounds? Or maybe snacks of some kind, which can be eaten when the decorations come down in January.

I’m no “Pinterest Mum” and not an amazingly craftsy person. I enjoy the idea of making things, but the results aren’t always what I was hoping for… So I like to keep things really simple, both for my sake and because I want Penguin to be able to take part actively without too much help. When we make things, I like it to be as much of a joint effort as possible.


For these little Christmas Crackers we used:

  • 4 sheets of tissue paper, A4 size (2 mossy green and 2 red)
  • 1 empty toilet roll
  • Some string (we used black yarn)
  • Stickers (these came free with Tesco’s Christmas catalogue)

The only tool needed is a pair of scissors.

Before we got started, I cut the red tissue paper to match the size of the green paper (A4).
I then asked Penguin to cut the toilet roll in half. It was quite tough to cut through the cardboard. Good exercise for hand strength!
The next step is to fold the edges of the papers.
I did the folding of three of the four edges while Penguin took a little break. He helped with the final side.
Penguin cut the folded sides into strips. I held the papers and guided where to cut, while Penguin managed all the scissor action.
So, you should end up with two sets of red+green tissue papers with crinkled sides, like this. We accidentally ripped the tissue a bit, but fixed that with a piece of double sided tape.
Next step is to roll the tissue paper around the piece of toilet roll…
… and then seal it with a sticker. Our Rudolph lost an antler on the way, oops!
Our stickers were really fiddly to pick off from the sheet they came on, so I did that bit, and stuck them on a bowl like this, to make it more handy for Penguin, avoiding unnecessary frustration.
Once the toilet roll is wrapped, tie the sides up with string. Then shake your cracker to loosen the crinkly strips of tissue.
If you wish to hang your crackers up, just add extra string for that purpose. I thought we’d make one hangy cracker, but Penguin didn’t like the look of it and decided to cut all that excess string off. I was too happy about his scissor skills to stop him!

So, there we are, mini Christmas crackers all done!


If you decide to make some too, please let me know how you get on, and of course feel free to share this with others who might enjoy this too!

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These little Christmas Crackers are simple to make and a fun Advent Activity to do together with you kids! We did these as part of our Advent Calendar of Christmas Activities. For more, please visit us at #Christmas #KidsActivities #DIYdecorations #ChristmasCrafts


Shank You Very Much

4 thoughts on “Making Mini Christmas Crackers

    1. Thank you, Heather! And that’s cool to hear, I grew up in Sweden and we used to make these type of crackers all the time, but only ever for decorational purposes, mainly to hang in the Christmas tree. Some put nuts, raisins or candy in them, and kids are then allowed to tear the crackers open and eat the sweets when the tree comes down in January.
      I didn’t know about the British use of Christmas crackers until I met my (English) hubby.
      Maybe you could make some of these with dog treats inside, for Lola to rip apart and enjoy?! 😀x

      Liked by 1 person

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