Homemade Santa!

Today we got a couple of Santas made, so now they can help us looking after our two Rudolphs from the other day!

Making homemade paper roll Santa! - Sensational Learning with Penguin #adventactivities #finemotorfun #kidscrafts

Again, we used empty toilet rolls as base, and added felt, pipe cleaners, toy stuffing (for beard, alt. use cotton wool or other similar material), tiny pom-poms and googly eyes. We also used scissors, glue, a dish and a couple of cotton buds.

I prepared a little in advance by cutting the red felt in half (was originally A4 size) and draw circles on the beige felt as a guide for the Santas’ faces.

Penguin loved the beard material, so had some time to play with that before we got started.


The first thing we did was to cut a fringe on what was to become the top end of the red felt. Cutting felt is a bit trickier than paper, so we did this as a joint effort, with me holding the felt and Penguin making the cuts.

We then wrapped the felt around each toilet roll, and sealed it in place with glue.


We cut the red pipe cleaner in half and wrapped it around the felt, just below the cut fringe, to tie it together into a hat.

Then we cut the faces out (I held and guided the felt, while Penguin did all the scissor action) and glued them on.


We then went on to add the beard, nose and eyes, and finally a piece of red and white pipe cleaner as rim around the hat.


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